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Think differently about building

Think Differently about your home

Do you think of your home as an investment? Did you know that most people’s biggest investment is their home? A home is an asset which under regular conditions holds its value and actually gains value over the long term. Not only that, but you’ve got to live somewhere?

As something which will be around for over 100 years, doesn’t it make sense to build with the future in mind? Will fossil fuel prices remain low over the next hundred years or even over 5 years? Will having a more efficient home increase its value as the price of fuel increases? People are waking up to the fact that your home can either cost you money or save you money both now and into the future. Not only that but it can help save the environment too.

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When it comes to being green, an environmentally friendly home can pay back many times over. This isn’t just in terms of money either. In addition to saving you on energy costs, a highly energy-efficient home is more comfortable, quiet, healthy and safe – especially in a cold climate.

Think differently about how you spend your money

Not only are these features good for you, but it’s great for your local economy. Paying people in your city to do better work just makes sense. The current paradigm we live in has us spending money through your bills and tax dollars in order to provide cheap fossil fuel energy. If you think differently about how our society is spending money, you’ll see that we are spending billions of dollars a year on band aid solutions rather than fixing the problem by employing local people to do better work.

Watch this two minute video to learn more about how we can build a more prosperous, safe and secure society by building green. You’ll see how this helps you directly now and into the future.

To learn more about this and how to make your home more energy efficient for yourself and for the future of our planet buy a copy of “How to Future Proof Your Home: A Guide to Building with Energy Intelligence in Cold Climates.”

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There is much more to learn about Future Proofing your home. If you enjoyed this video and message, why not learn more about it in person by having Shane Wolffe speak to your group or organization? Click here to set it up.

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