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Thermal Imaging Whitehorse

Residential, Commercial or Industrial Thermal Imaging Whitehorse

Residential Thermal Imaging

Residential, Commercial or Industrial Thermal Imaging Whitehorse (and area)

Those energy bills can really add up, especially if you have problem areas in your home. Do you know if or where there are problem areas in your home? As a certified Level 1 Thermographer by the Infrared Training Center, I can see problems that you can’t and as part of an inspection, I can give you tips that will make you more comfortable and save you money year round. I can also prepare a report to give to contractors that shows them where to fix issues or where they made mistakes. A report is also useful as a reference if a followup thermal graphic inspection is conducted once repairs are completed.

Architects, builders and contractors, you can have me inspect your projects to ensure the quality work of your trades. I can even help educate your employees and subcontractors to ensure the quality of your product so that your company maintains a reputation of quality.

Community housing managers and decision makers, do you know what the low hanging fruit is with regards to repairing your housing stock? Bring me to your community and I will inspect multiple properties in a single trip and prepare a report for you so that you know what homes/buildings to focus your capital dollars on.

Finding and fixing problems with the building envelope pays back in terms of energy savings (reduced bills), comfort and long term durability.

Many people don’t realize it but our homes and buildings are always using energy that costs money while also contributing to climate change. A building that is airtight, well insulated and is intact throughout the building envelope uses much less energy that a building with air leaks, poor levels of insulation or problems with the building envelope.

Any of these problems are very obvious through the lens of a thermal camera when the user understands what they are seeing. A thermal camera is not a point and shoot device.

Issues with insulation and air tightness are obvious once you see this for yourself. Watch the video below to see what I mean.

Why Should I care and how does this save me money?

Since we currently need fossil fuel energy to heat our homes and buildings, there is an incentive for companies to frack the earth for natural gas in most parts of the world as discussed in the video.

Here in the Yukon we are either heating with oil, propane, electricity or wood. If you are heating your home/building with any of the first three options, this contributes to climate change. The less fossil fuel energy used, the less we impact the climate. Reducing fossil fuel consumption not only saves the home owner, but it also reduces damage to our roads by having fewer trucks bringing it thousands of kilometers to get here. This matters even if your home isn’t heated directly by fossil fuel during the winter months because extra electricity is currently produced by utilizing natural gas or diesel generators. Every reduction in energy usage affects not only the home owner, but the Yukon and the entire world from a climate change perspective.

Using thermal imaging to detect problems is a fast, low-cost, non-intrusive method to find ways for the home owner to save money and do their part to fight this problem.

If you live in or around Whitehorse give me a call at (306)261-8846 to schedule an appointment. I can thermal scan your home and show you opportunities to save money and do your part for the environment.

Customers will receive a free copy of the second edition of my ebook How to Future Proof Your Home, a $25 value for free.

Inspections are most accurate after the sun sets or when it’s overcast. Direct sunshine creates a problem with regards to accuracy. For best results the temperature must be below 5°C. The colder the day/night, the more accurate the images.

Other than earning a living, my main objective with providing this service to home owners is to help the general public see first hand how our buildings use energy so that they can take steps to save energy and educate others. The more people know about this subject, the faster we can transition to a cleaner, more sustainable future.

If you would like your students to learn about this, contact me and we can figure something out that can help them learn how this can make a difference for the future of our planet.

In addition to checking walls and roof components, thermal imaging is very useful for inspecting radiant floor heating systems and electrical connections. Here is more information about Thermography.

Common Issues Include:

thermal imaging Saskatoon, thermal imaging

Drafty/ Poorly Installed Windows: Thermal imaging can see the problem immediately.


thermal imaging saskatoon, roof insulation

Poorly insulated areas of the roof are obvious and therefore correctable on flat ceilings.


thermal imaging Saskatoon, basement comfort, thermography Saskatoon

The heat loss of this basement is obvious compared to the upper floors. There are certain situations where this can be remedied.

whitehorse thermal imaging

Roof and wall insulation issues. The dark areas are cold spots where insulation levels are uneven. There may be air leakage in these areas.

Yukon thermal imaging

Insulation installation issues that can cause drafts, mold and discomfort. The dark areas along the studs are poorly insulated and may have air leakage. These areas are where mold is likely to grow.

Whitehorse thermography

The horizontal dark line is likely the result of a leak in the air barrier between two pieces of plywood. Cold air is infiltrating into the wall wasting energy and causing discomfort and the potential for mold growth in the wall.

Whitehorse thermal graphic imaging

The roof and exterior wall have air barrier and insulation issues that are creating cold spots. The studs and joists are thermal bridges, but the darkest areas are where the installation issues are.

Commercial Thermal Imaging

My primary business is consulting in the areas of commissioning and retro-commissioning of commercial buildings. As part of that service, thermal imaging is often utilized to provide greater analysis. Thermal imaging is also very useful for detecting issues while conducting an energy audit.

Commercial buildings use a lot more energy than residential buildings which makes the potential for savings much greater. As a former automation technician for Honeywell, I am very familiar with control systems and have been involved in commissioning many different HVAC systems and components. Call me at (306)261-8846 to learn how I can help you reduce the operating costs and improve tenant comfort in your commercial building(s).

commissioning a rink, thermal imaging a rink

A thermal image of a ventilation system in a rink gives the approximate supply air temperature. This helps verify proper operation.


Industrial Thermal Imaging

There are many components within an industrial setting that can be inspected using thermal imaging. The expected operation of a piece of equipment can be used as a benchmark or components can be compared to themselves or duplicate pieces of equipment.

thermal imaging industrial

Thermal imaging the temperatures of a backup generator during startup

Thermal imaging backup generator, commissioning

Thermal imaging shows temperatures of a backup generator during startup

commissioning industrial equipment yukon

What our eyes see during the commissioning of a backup generator. Thermal imaging adds another perspective that can identify issues.


To inspect or assist with the commissioning of industrial equipment give me a call in Whitehorse at (306)261-8846.