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From the video, “Imagine a mining industry existing in a way that hasn’t existed before. Imagine a mining industry that isn’t defiling the earth by working with bacteria…. Imagine a mining industry more in harmony with nature.”

What does this mean for our current mining industry? Once you watch the TED talk below you’ll see very clearly that the ways of the past are much different from the ways of the future. But what does that mean for our lives, and for many people our jobs? Is there any such thing as a Future Proof Economy?

This video is fairly convincing evidence that a mining industry in the future which utilizes the waist captured from producing freshwater for people will be more cost-effective than the current methods were used to extract minerals. Not only that, but consider the size and scale of the mining possible. When you consider the size of the ocean and that it is the source of our current potash industry, it’s no doubt that this technology will disrupt our economy and livelihoods.

mining in the future, future of our society

So how do we build a Future Proof Economy?

What does this mean for our economy and the future of the Canadian prairies? Will the potash industry within Saskatchewan eventually die off due to the inability to compete? With regard to our economy, there is no such thing as future proof. However this doesn’t have to impede our lives if we think and build for the conditions of the future. We can be proactive and recognize that the economy will not be the same nor will the sources of energy that we depend on.

This should give us great incentive to reduce our dependence on the system and on limited and increasingly expensive energy. We should be designing our society to be much more self sufficient, especially when the money is coming in from our existing industry. If we do this our economy, sources of energy and technologies may change, but our livelihoods will not be so dramatically affected. Such a solution is truly Future Proof.