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Prevent fracking for cheap energy

 The “CHEAP” energy we depend on is increasingly coming from Fracking

Fracking is the process of injecting millions of liters of chemically treated water underground at high pressures in order to release natural gas from shale-based formations. The process of fracking has become rather controversial because of incidents of natural gas seeping into underground rivers and eventually contaminating reservoirs, streams and rivers. Spills of chemically treated water used in fracking have also been a problem that has contributed to fresh water contamination.

The process of fracking can make a lot of money while keeping energy costs low in our society. But are the risks worth it? Does further addiction to a limited and polluting natural resource make sense for our society? Are we doing things based on money alone? Does “cheap” to the consumer mean without cost? Is the greed of a few more important than the loss of freshwater and long term health of people and wildlife? What other consequences of fracking are there that we aren’t aware of yet? Can we eliminate the need for putting our most precious resource in jeopardy by doing things better?

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A natural gas fracking zone in Texas. Would you like to live anywhere near this? How will this activity affect the water in your area? Do you want to pay for water in the future? How much will your home be worth if this development happens near you?

Does the picture above represent the type of world that you are happy to live in and leave for future generations? What kind of world are we creating? As individuals are we doing things that are in the best interests of both ourselves and our society?

If you are building or renovating a home, you have the opportunity to not only reduce your bills over the long term, but also reduce your need for natural gas. Every drop in the bucket counts.

Our Homes and Buildings can fight fracking

How do we as a society turn the course? How do we build sustainability into what we do? Homes and buildings are systems which can be part of the solution towards climate change while greatly reducing our dependence on practices like fracking. Improving the efficiency of the buildings we have and building towards “Net Zero” energy usage is a huge opportunity in the right direction. The decisions we make today regarding our homes and buildings will last well over 100 years. Let’s do things right to make life better both now and into the future.

In this two-minute video, I address these questions and discuss where energy is increasingly coming from. If you are concerned about the environment and of the consequences of shale gas fracking, then you already know that it’s very important to think about where our energy comes from. Watch the video now and share this article with your friends because putting fresh water at risk under the notion of “cheap” energy is not a wise risk to take.

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To learn more about how to reduce our societies demand for natural gas while making your home more energy efficient for yourself and for the future of our planet buy a copy of “How to Future Proof Your Home: A Guide to Building with Energy Intelligence in Cold Climates.”

There is much more to learn about Future Proofing your home. If you enjoyed this video and message why not learn it in person by having Shane Wolffe speak to your group or organization? Click here to set it up.


To learn more about fracking, watch the documentary Gasland on Netflix.

Gasland trailer:

To see a Canadian documentary demonstrating the effects of natural gas drilling on a small community, watch “Weibo’s War” also on Netflix.

Watch Gasland 2 on HBO to see how government regulators and the oil and gas industry are fighting back against people who want to live in a healthier, cleaner world.

Gasland 2 trailer:


There are far more jobs to be created by reducing our dependence on fossil fuels. Learn more here.

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