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This great Ted talk demonstrates that the easiest way to save energy is to not use it at all. Only about 10% of the energy potential of coal is actually used to power your lights (this depends on how far you live from the power plant). Or, for every one unit of energy that is saved, the other 9 units of energy are not required at the power plants when the fuel is coal energy. Now that’s a savings that will not only save you on your local utility bill but it also saves us collectively from having to mine and burn that coal. That means that less particulate is in the air to cause health problems and this is especially great news if subsidies to the coal industry are involved to make the electricity cheaper.

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Our behavior is the factor that wastes the most energy, however it is quite often our behavior which is the most difficult to change. Being aware of this is a great start.

At the end of the talk the presenter Alex Laskey states that his job is to get people to ask how do I save more energy?

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