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Would you like to see Saskatoon become a more sustainable city?
Saskatchewan is flat, windy and sunny almost all year. Why not take advantage of that while creating local jobs and clean electricity?
Saskatoon Community Wind is an initiative to fund the construction of a large scale wind power facility through community investment. In other words, YOU can own your electricity provider and celebrate those windy days that we often dread.

There will be a public meeting on September 12 at 6pm at the Farmers’ Market.

You are invited to attend, learn about the project, and demonstrate your support. We will be discussing our plans to build a 10-turbine community owned wind farm 15-30 kilometers from Saskatoon. It will supply clean electricity to 16,000 Saskatoon residents and will give the City greater energy self-sufficiency.
At this time, support is what we need demonstrated. Before we can take the next steps we need to have a buyer for the electricity. Our current angle is that Saskatoon Light and Power, the city’s power utility, would purchase the power through the SaskPower’s Open Access Transmission Tariff . Perhaps SaskPower will be interested in purchasing wind power from this project in the future.
The City of Saskatoon has stated in their Strategic Plan that they wish to expand the use of renewable energy. Saskatoon Community Wind wishes to build the infrastructure required to achieve this goal without taxpayers taking on additional costs, without power prices increasing (beyond predicted inflation) and at the same time seeing a modest return for the investors and creating local jobs.
James Glennie, our technical and organizational leader has been communicating with the Environmental Services Branch of the CofS and has been told that this discussion would be put on Council’s agenda. This hasn’t happened yet, and perhaps if we can demonstrate some support, we can make it more of a priority for Council.
Please share this invitation with your organization and social circles.
Community wind is the driving force behind Germany and Denmark’s wind successes, let’s get it going here too.
Check out the website to learn more: