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Would you like to help build a better world? Would you like to get paid to do so? Do you have a following of environmentally aware people who are looking for solutions? Are you looking for a way to engage your customers so that they build green?


If the answer to any of these questions is YES, then I can help.

protect earth

Raise money by educating about Green Building as a way to make our planet more sustainable

I would like to invite you or your organization to participate as an affiliate for promoting energy efficiency/sustainable building by helping me sell the second edition of my ebook “How to Future Proof Your Home: A Guide to Building with Energy Intelligence.” The book was written for home owners to help them understand how to cost-effectively take action and reduce their bills and need for fossil fuels.
Our buildings produce 40% of the green house gases produced by our society while also creating more waste than any other sector. There is huge opportunity to greatly reduce this impact.
Buildings are assets that humans NEED!! Why not optimize them to give back to nature rather than steal from it? Doing so will create millions of jobs in every city while greatly reducing fossil fuel usage. My ebook is a tool to explain this problem and demonstrate in simple terms what individuals can do to take action in their own lives.

I believe that we can literally build a better world through better understanding and construction practices. My goal is to educate the masses about these complex topics and thus help my fellow construction professionals who provide products or services that “raise the bar”. In the process we intend to create a community of “Future Proofers” who can help tackle climate and environmental problems.
If you are a contractor who cares or your product contributes to sustainability, you can earn money while also educating your customers by participating in this affiliate program. If you get other affiliates to sell the ebook, you can even earn a commission from their sales.
Environmental charities and non-profits can also earn an 80% commission by helping to educate their followers and thus contribute to our Future Proof community.
Now is the right time to get this book out to a much wider audience. Many people would like to know how they can take action on climate change. They are waking up to see that we are unnecessarily dependent on an unsustainable system. The challenge is showing people that their bills can be lower and their impact can be reduced through simple changes and understanding.
Citizens concerned with climate change, the effects of fracking and the unsustainable nature of our society will be interested in this book. You could be the reason that they know about it.
The intention of the book is to enable readers to reduce their environmental impact by understanding how their new or existing home uses energy through a simplified understanding of building science. Through education and action that benefits individuals, everyone can take a role in fighting climate change, fracking and environmental degradation while paying themselves and living in better comfort and health.
This book is a tool that anyone can use to reduce their impact while saving money and living in better harmony. As a registered charity or non-profit promoting the ebook, you will receive 80% commission for every ebook purchased through our online store.
By promoting your custom affiliate link to your audience, you can raise money for your cause. You will also provide education and raise awareness while helping your audience save money on their bills. Visit the link below and follow the simple instructions to get started.
While promoting, we ask that you promote our mailing list which offers a helpful free report and educational video series for people who cannot afford the ebook at this time. The video series provides ample followup to promote and sell the ebook and you get credit for a sale up to 90 days after the link is clicked on by the user.
The followup educational materials will help engage these users regarding their homes. The content also provides compelling reasons for “Future Proofing” our homes and society through energy efficiency and forward thinking.
Educating consumers is the first step in connecting people to the solutions that will benefit them while creating more sustainable jobs. This book is the first step in our plan to help facilitate greener building and sustainability through the community/service we are creating.

How much work is this?

Not much at all!! I have spent a great deal of time and effort to create banners and promotional videos that will get the attention of anyone who is environmentally conscious (and even those that aren’t). All you need to do is promote the affiliate links created for you by the system along with this or your own content. Further instructions are available when you join the affiliate program. Here are a few of my favorite videos so far. I really enjoy this character so there will be more. 🙂

If you have any hesitation concerning promotion of this content, then I would encourage you to join the mailing list and absorb it for yourself. You can also check out our YouTube channel which hosts some of the video content:
By helping to teach the public about building green you can help protect our planet while earning money for your cause or growing your business.
Shane Wolffe P.Eng, LEED AP, CEA, Level 1 Thermographer