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Damn those ice dams!

The creation of an ice dam is primarily due to an accumulation of snow melting and freezing on a roof. This is typically the result of heat from within a home getting trapped between the insulated (or under insulated) part of the ceiling and an unventilated attic space. The accumulation of heat causes the snow to melt along the shingles. Enough snow melting will eventually push up against shingles causing leaks within the home and ensuring costly repairs. This is costly both for home owners and insurance companies alike.

The Future Proof™ solution is to ensure that the accumulated snow on the roof does not get melted by heat from within the building. This is accomplished by ensuring that sufficient insulation is evenly distributed within the attic to prevent heat migration through the roof. This not only prevents the likelihood of an ice dam the next time there is is excessive snow fall, but it also saves you money on your heating bill and cooling bill each and every month. Proper insulation also ensures that your home stays at a comfortable temperature without the need to burn excessive fossil fuels in the winter. By ensuring that the attic is properly vented, you not only prevent any heat from migrating into the attic and melting snow in winter, but you also help to keep the home cooler during summer.

As is being witnessed all over Saskatchewan this winter, the application of a sufficient level of insulation will save many people (and even insurance companies) many thousands of dollars. This proves that planning ahead is a solution that is truly Future Proof™.