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Can you imagine how crippling an Ice Storm would be to your city/home?

No matter where you live, it should be obvious that our society is completely dependent on reliable energy. Weather patterns all over the world are changing. As we have seen with the winter of 2013, the temperature dipped and rose several times, which means that we need to be ready for the worst. This is true whether you live in the coldest regions, or much more temperate locations.

If you live in Saskatchewan or anywhere in the prairies, you know that our population is growing rapidly. Will we dig ourselves deeper into a hole of fossil fuel dependence, or can we be digging ourselves out as we move forward?

In this video I talk about the weather we have seen in Saskatchewan during the winter of 2012/2013 and ask the question, “can your home handle an ice storm?”

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An ice storm would be a problem for most homes that don’t use energy wisely. If you want your home to be efficient during the good times and in the event of an ice storm or other emergency then download the free report.