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Fight Climate Change by telling your story and building awareness

My goal is to fight climate change by helping our society to build better buildings. Video is a great way to tell this story so I approached Katrina German of to help me tell my story. Of course this isn’t the whole story, just the intro.

While some might disagree that climate change is happening or is man-made, you can’t disagree with the fact that as a society we have been digging ourselves into a deep hole of energy dependence. While some might think this is great for the economy, it is a situation which will not last, it creates pollution and we should address this situation as soon as possible. As the world grows and demands more energy, it will continually cost us more and we must think ahead and start digging ourselves out of this hole to create a more sustainable society. Let’s Future Proof™ our society by reducing our demand for unsustainable forms of energy.

The world is changing, the weather is changing and we should be changing too. Let’s be ready for the uncertainties of tomorrow.  Rather than working towards our undoing, let’s think about the future that we want to create and build it with intention. The best way to start is within your home or local community.

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Special thanks to Katrina with for taking time out of her day to interview me. What’s your story? Tell it today and share it at