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Let’s Transition from Fossil Fuels

Below  is one of my favorite TED talks. It perfectly illustrates how North American society can transition from fossil fuels by 2050 while growing the economy by 154%, saving $5 trillion dollars and producing a healthier, more stable and more prosperous society. It’s not about fossil fuel divestment, but more about what to invest in as our society will continue to need abundant energy to thrive. These ideas are not only necessary to combat global warming, but for the future prosperity of human beings.

This isn’t only important for people in oil and gas companies to know, I think that all decision-makers should watch this video and read this book. Reinventing Fire is an exceptional example of what is possible and necessary to transition from fossil fuel to a healthier more equitable future for humans and animals alike.

transition from fossil fuels

To learn the principles of energy efficiency and transition away from fossil fuel in your home, check out the free or paid version of the book “How to Future Proof Your Home: A Guide to Building with Energy Intelligence in Cold Climates” at