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Home Building Information for the Masses

People need the right information at there disposal to make smart decisions. In North America we have been doing things the same way for many years. Our methods are based on two outdated ideas:

1) Fossil fuel energy is cheap and will remain cheap

2) Green Building/high efficiency is too expensive, and therefore not realistic

It is these mentalities and people’s resistance to change that has impeded the green building movement. Codes and standard practices don’t change over night, but people’s minds can – especially with the proper information at their disposal. That is why I am working to provide building homes information to the public that simplifies the building science understanding necessary to build to Net Zero or Passive House standard, even in an extreme climate. The information is presented in an easy to understand manner so that home owners can engage their builder directly and indicate “I want you to do it this way”.

The video below is footage from an interview that I did in June of 2013 for the Shaw Cable show “Lit Happens”. In the interview I talk about why I wrote “How to Future Proof Your Home: A Guide to Building with Energy Intelligence in Cold Climates” and how it can help home owners and contractors alike. As host Wes Funk notes during the interview, “This book is well timed with the rate of growth that the province of Saskatchewan and Western Canada is experiencing at the moment.”

Free building homes information for home owners

Rather than give a blueprint which may not apply to your situation, the book is a collection of principles that have been simplified for the reader. The intent is that the reader can make decisions when designing a new home or when planning to renovate an existing home. As mentioned during the interview, you can get a free version of the book here.