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Energy Education Presentations/Workshops

As a professional working in the field of Energy Efficiency since 2008, Shane has worked in multiple roles and has been fortunate to be exposed to multiple facets of the industry while engaging in diverse training courses. Shane has summarized and simplified this experience and training to share with diverse groups including peers in the construction industry, decision makers in government and First Nations, lunch and learn organizations as well as the general public.

Below are various presentations that can help you and your organization understand how to save money while positively impacting out planet.

1) Sustainability Projects for the Métis Nation

Presented to the Métis National Council on the Environment on March 31, 2010 in Vancouver BC. This presentation is approximately 1 hour long and was created to provide a background of information for decision makers to understand greenhouse gases. The presentation also highlights projects that can positively impact Métis and First Nations communities while helping to prevent climate change.

The presentation is intended to provide education about what greenhouse gases are, where they come from and the solutions that prevent them from being released. This helps create a mindset that will readily accept and understand the concepts of modern sustainable living into Métis and First Nation communities. This understanding will enable the adoption of greenhouse gas reducing projects that create jobs and grow independent, self-sufficient communities and empowered individuals.

2) How to Future Proof Your Home – A Guide to Building with Energy Intelligence in Cold Climates

This is Shane’s signature presentation that discusses and teaches the concepts in his book “How to Future Proof Your Home: A Guide to Building with Energy Intelligence in Cold Climates.” As a professional engineer working with large commercial green building projects, Shane recognized that the knowledge captured in his book and presentation must be simplified and accessible to the average home owner in order for our society to shift away from fossil fuels.

This presentation is an overview of what “Future Proofing” your home is and how it saves money for the owner, creates local jobs, adds value to the project, protects the owner in emergency situations and reduces long term environmental impacts.

The presentation has been designed for the general public and has been delivered at various lengths at 3 minutes (betcha couldya format), 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes, 1 hour and 1.5 hours. The presentation has been delivered as part of the book launch, to the construction community, lunch and learn groups, business groups, breakfast presentations, a real estate investor group, and to various environmental charities/groups.

Participants leave with a better understanding of the sources of environmental damage as well as an understanding of how “Future Proofing” their home can benefit them while having a positive environmental impact.

3) LEED V4, Net Zero, Passive House, Living Building Challenge Overview

This presentation was originally created while Shane was working with startup modular home building company “System Built Developments” in Saskatoon. The company was projected to produce a high volume of modular units to meet the needs of Saskatchewan’s growing population. Shane’s mandate with the presentation was to explain the construction concepts from these building standards to his colleagues in order to integrate these “Future Proof” concepts into the product that was produced by the factory.

By building multiple units, the savings of integrating these ideas into the production process would scale the positive impact while allowing the factory to produce a superior “Future Proof” product. Had this company taken off, this would have helped position the company as a leader in the field while reducing the energy consumption of new construction in Saskatchewan.

Since presenting this information to colleagues, Shane has also given this presentation to the Yukon Housing Corporation contractors breakfast to spread awareness of Net Zero Construction, LEED V4, Passive House and the Living Building Challenge building standards to Yukon contractors and design professionals.

Shane’s Educational and Career Background

Shane graduated as an Electronic Systems Engineer with a double minor in Computer Science and Software Engineering from the University of Regina in 2004.

Shane has been enthusiastically engaged with researching renewable energy and climate solutions since 2005 when he worked as a programmer analyst; programming reinsurance based systems and reports for Saskatchewan Government Insurance.

As an engineer who wants to use his skills and knowledge to make a difference to fight climate change, Shane decided to redirect and dedicate his career to green building in order to have maximum impact.

Shane’s green building career began with Honeywell where he participated in their 3 month long Automation Technician Boot Camp learning about the fundamentals of HVAC, mechanical equipment, control systems and various automation principles. His work had him perform preventative maintenance and programming adjustments to building controls and systems in approximately 50 buildings of multiple types including schools, hospitals, care homes, commercial buildings, recreation centers, malls and even a science center with a live butterfly hatchery.

Shane moved on to the consulting field in 2009 where he worked as lead commissioning agent for Integrated Designs Inc. in Saskatoon. During this time Shane recommissioned the Credit Union Center in Saskatoon for the World Junior Hockey championships in 2009 as well as commissioned several LEED projects including The Red Deer RCMP, Moose Jaw Multiplex, Meadow Lake Court House and Banff Cave and Basin Welcome Facility. Shane also provided 3rd party commissioning for the Humboldt Health Services Redevelopment Project (Humboldt Hospital) and the Irene and Leslie Dubé Centre for Mental Health while providing initial requirements gathering and support for several other projects.

During this time Shane studied to acquire his LEED AP BD+C (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Accredited Professional in Building Design and Construction) credential, Certified Energy Auditor credential and “The Commissioning Process for New and Existing Buildings” through the University of Wisconsin College of Engineering.

In 2012 Shane formed his own consulting company Future Proof Commissioning Solutions where he sub-consulted as 3rd party commissioning agent for the Buffalo Pound Water Pumping Station North (serving the K+S Potash mine) and City of Saskatoon Raw Water Pumping Station. At this time Shane wrote his book “How to Future Proof Your Home” and worked with startup “System Built Developments.” In 2012 he became certified as a “Level 1 Thermographer” through the Infrared Training Center and in 2014 Shane took the “Passive House Design Fundamentals” course.

In 2013 Shane founded “Future Proof Software Solutions Ltd.” with the intent to create a type of Uber for “Future Proof” products and services in an attempt to simplify green construction for home owners. His entrepreneurial journey led him to study and implement multiple facets of business and personal development related to business ownership, operation, marketing, platform development and growth. Shane also hosted an online radio show/podcast called “Future Proof Radio” on the Voice America Radio Network where he interviewed experts discussing topics such as the economics of a green home, The “Passive House” building standard, “The Living Building Challenge” building standard, solar power and renewable energy in communities, wind power cooperatives, Net Zero construction, people centered sustainable urban design and the future of cities, the myths around carbon capture technology, how to meet the needs of 11 billion people by 2100 and the weaknesses of our current society and what we can do to Future Proof ourselves from economic and environmental shocks.

In January of 2016 Shane moved from Saskatoon to Whitehorse for a short lived business opportunity and found himself working as a project manager with the Infrastructure Development Branch of the Yukon Government. In this position Shane project managed a 50kW solar project with a super-insulated attendant shack (the largest solar installation in the Yukon to date), the startup phases of a new water treatment plant for a small community, a SCADA project to standardize and connect 8 geographically dispersed water treatment plants to a centralized computer (SCADA system), and the startup phases of two recycling centers in small First Nation communities. In this position Shane took “PIEVC Climate Change adaptation protocol training for engineers”, multiple Public Sector Procurement Training courses, “Avoiding Construction Claims”, Myers Briggs, Water and Waste Water Best Practices training and Defensive Winter Driving training.

Shane returned to consulting in 2017 and recently finished recommissioning the Andrew A. Phillipsen Law Center in Whitehorse.

Shane’s interest in improving human health and food sovereignty led him to Costa Rica in March of 2018 where he studied “Permaculture for the Herbalists path” and a mushroom cultivation course through the Fungi Academy. Using plants and mushrooms to improve health is a passion of Shane’s which he would like to help implement in northern communities in properly constructed/operated facilities that would allow for fresh food cultivation year-round.

Shane is interested in working as an owners rep/commissioning agent for territorial, federal and First Nation governments as well as with private organizations.

Shane’s ultimate ambition is to assist project owners to design and implement “Future Proof” projects that create self-sufficiency while creating media content to help other communities, decision makers and individuals understand how to implement these solutions themselves. Change cannot happen if people don’t understand the power that they have and how to use this power for their benefit.

The presentations listed above are a starting point for creating this awareness/understanding that Shane would be happy to present to your group.

Please call him at 306-261-8846 to learn more.