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I am not an economist, financial advisor, mortgage broker, city planner, contractor, designer or architect. I am an engineer who does extensive research and works with building science in a broad range of building types, sizes and complexities. With that in mind, know that articles on this site or taken from “How to Future Proof Your Home” are a collection of opinions based on professional knowledge and acquired through research and observation with the intent of giving consumers the principles and understanding that they require in order to cost effectively build or hire a contractor to build an efficient, comfortable, healthy and environmentally responsible home in harsh/cold climates. By understanding how to save significant energy in the coldest climates, people in warmer climates will have a rough blue print to follow as well.

Articles on this site are NOT an all-inclusive guides to building homes or other buildings. The ebook “How to Future Proof Your Home: A Guide to Energy Intelligence designed for the Climate of the Canadian Prairies” (hereby known as the “ebook”) is a guidebook written with the intent of providing design specifications  via demonstrating several key principles to potential homeowners, contractors and the general public. In this book and on the website you will get an understanding of the techniques and technologies that leading energy professionals are using to reduce our society’s dependence on fossil fuels and reduce humanities environmental impact. While many of these techniques have been known for some time now, law (code) does not require them, and hence most of these techniques are not widely implemented by all design and construction professionals. The intent of this website and the ebook is to grow public knowledge in this area so that potential homeowners and the construction community can make better decisions that are not simply based on first costs alone.

The information on this site and the book/ebook is provided solely for general illustration and instructional purposes and does not create a business or professional services relationship. Laws and regulations vary by jurisdiction and change from time to time; compliance with such standards depends on the particular circumstances. The information on this site is subject to change without notice. Any reliance on the information on this site is solely at the user’s own risk. Before making business decisions, please consult a professional adviser. While the ebook is meant to provide specific information that will be beneficial in making an informed decision with the assistance of a professional adviser, it cannot possibly be applicable for all situations or conditions and therefore cannot be considered as professional advice. Many sources have been used to compile the information within the ebook and on this website. These sources are acknowledged where appropriate and the accuracy of information cited by these sources is assumed to be well researched and verified by the sources themselves.

By downloading, reading or accessing this website or material of any kind produced by this website you understand and acknowledge that Shane Wolffe/Future Proof Commissioning Solutions Inc./Future Proof Software Solutions Ltd. cannot be held liable in any way for the accuracy of information cited, for following the advice within this material or for any action you take as a result of reading or accessing this material. Every construction project is different and requires a complete understanding of your climate, and the situation or conditions that you are building in to get the best results. An important theme in this publication is that the code is the minimum standard that must be met to ensure compliance, so always be sure to meet local codes … but don’t be afraid to exceed them. In certain situations this can be complicated; hence, a professional in your area should be consulted in order to provide specific and detailed advice that will suit your individual needs. With that in mind, a directory of products and professionals within your area that provide the services described herein this publication is being created. Professionals and product vendors wishing to participate in this service can register at:

The ebook and all information contained within is the property of the author. Information within may be used with the written authorization of the author. If you would like to publish portions of this eBook then please contact the author here. This site does not confer and shall not be construed as conferring on anyone any licence under any of Shane Wolffe/Future Proof Commissioning Solutions Inc./Future Proof Software Solutions Ltd.’s or any third party’s intellectual property rights.

This work has been created to advertise and provide information to customers and site visitors of . If you have acquired this work through a different website then please contact the author.