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How to create jobs and Future Proof our homes

Let’s Create Jobs Intelligently and Free Ourselves

What is the point of the economy if not to create jobs and make people’s lives better? Shouldn’t the whole purpose of working be to make lives better both now and in the future? This is what we are told, but if you investigate, it’s not exactly how the system currently functions.

You may question and even argue that statement, but consider how the economy is based on generating profits while not necessarily creating a better quality of life for people or building a better society over the long term.

The fact that we don’t make things to last by default is causing us to work more than necessary to meet our needs while generating enormous waste. This is wasting resources, damaging nature, negatively affecting our health, and passing the buck to others; both now and into the future. These inefficiencies are called “externalities” by economists.

I would argue that at this time in history our society is based on inefficiency and waste to create jobs and keep the system going. What if we decided that the purpose of jobs and the economy is to make people healthier, happier, and more free? What if we put a priority on ensuring things are done right the first time rather than putting money as top priority? In doing so we would ensure that the systems we depend on don’t continually cost more money and effort to fix in the future. This would totally shift the system to both eliminate a lot of waste while also protecting the environment and creating jobs all over the world. Believe it or not, this would generate profits and distribute wealth while cleaning up the mess we’ve made.

I believe that the first step is to fix the inefficiencies in our society.  There are a lot of systems currently in place that could create jobs by simply being more efficient.These jobs exist in multiple industries, but in particular the construction industry could solve many of the sustainability problems in the world by reducing our need for energy while creating comfortable, healthy, sustainable places for humans to live, work and play.

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In this 4 minute video I explain how we can make our society far more efficient while creating a significant number of jobs. In doing so we will eliminate the excessive waste in our society while also growing the economy and transition away from fossil fuels. Watch it now to learn how building or renovating your home for efficiency can contribute to a better world while protecting you and growing the economy in a clean and healthy way.

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And by the way, once we eliminate unnecessary waste in the name of profits, humanity will be able to take on new challenges.

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To learn more about how you can specifically create a better world you need to understand how to reduce your energy usage. You can do this by purchasing a copy of  “How to Future Proof Your Home: A Guide to Building with Energy Intelligence in Cold Climates.”

There is much more to learn about Future Proofing your home. If you enjoyed this video and message, why not learn more about it in person by having Shane Wolffe speak to your group or organization? Click here to set it up.


To learn more about externalities and understand how our society created a mess, I recommend you read “The Value of Nothing” by Raj Patel. Here is the trailer for the book:

Understand how we can transition away from fossil fuels while growing the economy. Check out this TED talk about the book “Reinventing Fire”.
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