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Building Costs – What is worth the money?

When it comes to building or buying a new home, the thing that is usually most important to people is cost. But when building an asset that lasts over 100 years, are temporary financial circumstances more important than the value of your home, ongoing operating costs and sustainability?

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Yes money is important, however is it something that is as stable as the value within the home that you are building or renovating? If you’ve “Read Rich Dad Poor Dad” you probably know that wealthy people make their money work for them. An energy-efficient home that saves money on your bills, holds value and protects you is an excellent example of this. In fact if you are not rolling in money, and you’re interested in your own freedom while protecting the planet, your home is the logical place to start. Not only is it the investment that you have the most control over, but it is also the asset that benefits you most directly, both now and when you are ready to sell.

Building costs that save you money

Spending a little more up front may or may not even be necessary to save you money over the long term and protect your investment. If you understand the home as a system, you can figure out how to get a more sustainable and energy efficient home for nearly the same price.

As fuel prices rise, labor costs rise, currency inflates, and markets fluctuate ask yourself, “is cutting corners to save money now good for me? Is it good for the buyer of this home over the long term?” Will the price to do things better in the future be what it is today? The answer to all of these questions is almost certainly NO.

Consider that building costs and energy costs will rise

If money is a tool for making things happen in the world, doesn’t it make sense to do things that last and pay back over the long term? Will your investments in the market provide you with a GUARANTEED PAYBACK? Is the money system as stable as the asset that you are creating? Is money meant to be a tool for making the world better, or is money preventing people from doing things that make the world better in the long term? Since the only vote we truly cast in this society is with our dollars, knowing how to spend our dollars wisely is of prime importance.

If you are dependent on cheap energy because of short term thinking and cutting corners to save money, this will cost you and society in the long run. The power that you have is to make money work for you both now and into the future.

In this four-minute video, I explore the idea of building stable assets and explain why this is not only good for the homeowner, but for society in general. While the examples I present might seem out of context, they illustrate why using money as the deciding factor is a very bad idea.

Money is not a bad thing, however it can be an obstacle towards doing the right thing that benefits you both now and into the future. Don’t let cost cutting hold you back from creating a more efficient, safer, more comfortable and more valuable asset. When the market undergoes a correction and as fuel prices rise, you’ll be glad that you did.

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