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Builder Challenges regarding energy efficiency

Have you noticed that nobody wants to live in an “ugly” home? There is a reason for this, human beings are wired to like pretty things. We have built in reflexes to things that we find appealing and repulsive. We are also instant gratification machines. When people build new or buy a home, they are usually emotionally attracted to the pretty things first. People typically make the buying decision based on the emotions and impressions they get from the aesthetics of their home. This is normal human behavior that has been with us for a very long time.

But is this really a good idea long term? Do these pretty things pay you back? Will your idea of what’s pretty be the same in five years? Are aesthetics a wise investment or do they take away from your ability to save money on your bills and be more environmentally friendly?

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Builder Challenges include spending money on the pretty things vs. the things that pay back through efficiency. But do the pretty things last or are they really a liability over the long term?

In this video I discuss the main challenges that professionals who want to build to a higher level of efficiency face and why this makes it difficult for our society to be much more efficient and environmentally friendly.

Builder Challenges explained in 2 minutes

For builders who want to sell you a more efficient home, they have to make decisions based on spending more money on the things that most people look for, versus the things that benefit the home owner and the environment.

As business owners it’s difficult to risk not being able to sell your product because extra money went into the wall system or mechanical system instead of into fancy counter tops and fixtures. Without consumer awareness and legislation to meet efficiency targets, businesses will do what customers will pay for.

It’s pretty hard to blame them for that. But now you know.

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