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What kind of world do you want to live in? What kind of world can we create?


The biggest environmental problems are currently because of our attitudes and the way we build our cities and buildings. These problems are also the source of some of our biggest opportunities while also being systems that can give back to society.

How do we even begin to fix these issues?

Do you work in the green building industry and feel frustration because the industry’s growth has been extremely slow despite the incredible importance of the industry? Me too!!

When working as a consultant specializing in Commissioning, I realized that the green building industry has a serious marketing problem. Most of the services that can save money for owners and help the environment are too new or too complicated to grab the average person’s attention long enough to have a sales conversation. Unfortunately the public doesn’t “get it”, they think “green” is too expensive and they don’t know where to turn to. This was the inspiration for and my book, “How to Future Proof Your Home.”

I realized that my colleagues and I were experiencing the chicken and the egg scenario. How does a small business engage customers when most people don’t know a product or service even exists? If you’re a new business or don’t have the resources to effectively market your services, what are your options? How do you build a strong customer base and a large enough audience when people think the product is boring or unconventional? How can one make their business stand out in a very established and conservative industry? How can a higher level of accountability be introduced to ensure that “professionals” are providing quality rather than headaches for customers? What can people and professionals alike get behind?

They can get behind the idea of building a better world. This is where the idea for Future Proof™ was born.

As an experienced database developer, I realized that if I could catalog who does what and where they do it, then an opportunity exists to exponentially grow an entire industry while raising people’s awareness and helping the environment.

What is Future Proof Radio?

Future Proof Radio

Future Proof Radio is a live radio program that will discuss current and future technologies that can help make the world a better place. I Shane Wolffe will host the program on the Voice America Talk Radio network premiering on November 25, 2014. The program is also syndicated on, through iTunes as a podcast and through the World Talk Radio network. On the program we will discuss the products, services and options available for everyday people to help them make positive changes in their homes, buildings and communities. The goal is to unite people and professionals by demonstrating how together we can build a better world. Topics I plan to cover include:

  • Passive House – Guest Guido Wimmers – Director of CanPhi (Canadian Passive House Institute), designer of the first Passive House in North America
  • LEED and LEED concepts
  • The Living Building Challenge
  • Sustainable Housing Initiatives
  • Energy Efficiency Services such as Energy Auditing, Commissioning, Retro-commissioning, Measurement and verification etc.
  • Various insulation technologies – ICF, SIP’s, Cellulose etc.
  • Solar projects
  • Renewable Energy Technologies
  • Utility company projects
  • SMART GRIDS and devices
  • Alternative transportation for cities
  • Retrofit options for reducing energy and water usage at home
  • Building Automation
  • Earth Ships
  • Electric Vehicles and Plug-in Electric Vehicles (PHEVs)
  • Locally grown food projects/ vertical gardening
  • Municipal and government initiatives for fighting climate change
  • Automation for both homes and commercial buildings
  • Thermography and it’s applications
  • Modular construction

And many more….

If you see your business or organization participating in the show, please leave your contact information in the form below to receive more information. You can also listen to previous episodes here.

Future Proof Radio

Here is a promo for the show.

In order for change to happen, people need to understand their options and these options must be simple and easy to facilitate. My plan is to aid in this understanding and help facilitate relationships through the service. By simplifying and discussing the various technologies and services that will help build a better world, the public now has a better starting point.

A Future Proof™ society will require a great deal of understanding and collaboration to achieve. The more people that work towards those ends and cooperate, the sooner we can intentionally build a sustainable society. The more the public understands, the more they are likely to seek help from qualified and competent professionals rather than the guy who has the cheapest rates. My goal is to shift the status quo informing people and providing an awareness of alternatives. There is no longer a need for scarcity in our society or for perpetuating a society that is dependent on polluting, non-renewable forms of energy. We are now at a turning point in human history.

Please join me by sponsoring the show to help make this possible. If your product is a good fit, I would love to have you as a guest on the show to talk about it.

In addition to talking about your product or service on the show, we have created a special membership site that can further explain your product or service to our audience. It’s impossible to explain everything on the radio, so we need a place to bring this information together where people can actually interact with the knowledge and purchase products and services in an easy way.

To become a sponsor or potentially a guest on the show, please leave your contact information in the form below and expect to hear from my executive producer. To learn more about sponsorship and demographics of the platform click here.

Let’s build a better world!



Promo audio by Lino Rise, edited and recorded by Kent Vermette.